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Come enjoy a day of kayaking in the beautiful waters of Kailua Bay ! The protective reef allows for safe kayaking, and for a chance to venture out to the beautiful Mokulua Islands off Lanikai Beach . Come with us, and we'll show you native sea turtles playing nearby. Approaching the islands, you'll get to see of the Windward side of Oahu with its majestic Koolau Mountains - a sight not to be missed.

A fine sandy beach greets you at Mokulua Island , extending an invitation to spend the day snorkeling, catching waves near the Island , or just lazing around on the sand. You can paddle along Lanikai beach or kayak up a small river nearby, making for an unequaled tropical experience and an unforgettable day in Paradise .

Oahu KayakingSingle and double-seater ocean kayaks are provided.  All our boats come equipped with backrests for increased comfort, paddle leashes, and life jackets for your safety.

Ocean kayaks are made of polyethylene, and are very durable and stable. All boats are self-bailing, and very easy to upright: excellent for the novice. For the more advanced kayaker, we have faster and lighter designs available.

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Our Oahu Kayaking Guided Tour is designed especially with the novice in mind, because we know you'll feel better with an experienced kayaking guide alongside. Although all destinations within Kailua Bay are safe, either with or without any direct supervision, you'll benefit from the extensive kayaking and site knowledge provided by the guide.

There are several great spots to paddle to in the area, including three small, uninhabited off-shore islands on these Hawaii activities. The closest island takes about a half hour to reach by kayak, depending on the current and the winds. It's important to land the kayak on this island from the south side. The waves are treacherous on the north side, and the rocks are extremely sharp. This island is a bird sanctuary and, if you decide to land on it, you're required to stay along the perimeter. This is a great place to enjoy a private swim or a picnic and one of the most popular Hawaii Activities or Hawaii Tours.

Kayaking in OahuNot far down the beach from the first off-shore island is a spot known to be inhabited by green sea turtles. We'll get to see several on our adventure. Green sea turtles are endangered, and encountering them is a very special experience. If you bring along snorkel equipment on these Hawaii activities, once you begin encountering the coral heads you can land the kayak on the beach and snorkel in to get a closer look at the coral, exotic tropical fish, and the turtles.

From Kailua Beach you can kayak to the Mokulua Islands , a protected bird sanctuary with a beautiful deserted beach, the perfect spot for a picnic lunch. This part of the bay off Lanikai Beach features turquoise waters, coral reefs, and large sea turtles in their native habitat.

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